My name is Alexis and I'm addicted to traveling.

I would love to tell you how I just couldn't bring myself to continue working a 9-5, so I quit my job, and now the world is my office and I eat breakfast with giraffes, and get paid every time I post a travel picture on Instagram. But then I would be absolutely lying (maybe manifesting?). The reality is I'm like most people that can't take one week off and have to explore the world whenever time and the budget allows. 

I was that kid who lived abroad and moved around quite a bit, so naturally I never felt connected to places. Never had a place that felt like "home". I used to think I was deprived of something in my youth (and I probably was), but as time went on, I realized these experiences were integral in defining who I am. And who I am can't sit down.


Travel is my therapy and traveling has helped me heal.

Feel free to follow along on the journey.








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